Parasites are a world wide zoonotic disease of animals and humans.

Parasites in Equine

  • It’s the time of the year responsible horse owners think about deworming their horses.
    DON’T automatically reach for the 6 pack of paste dewormers at the feed store.
    LEARN the difference between deworming protocols and parasite control.
    THINK about the implications of parasite resistance to available drugs.
    TALK to your veterinarian and make a smart plan.
  • Controlling Strongyle Parasites of Horses:A Mandate for Change .pdf
    by Craig R. Reinemeyer, DVM, PhD
  • Deworming Delemia in Equine, Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Newsletter

Parasites in Camelids

Parasites in Small Ruminants

Parasites in Porcine

  • Internal Parasites of the Swine.pdf, Dave Van Metre, DVM. Brochure information includes; Coccidia (Isospora and Eimeria), Whip Worms (Trichuris), Round Worms (Ascarids), Intestinal Threadworms (Strongyloides) and Lung Worms.


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